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Phone: +31 6 28 100 101 (Mobile)

Address: Vestdijk 20, 5611 CC Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Tax lawyer with substantial experience in tax consulting and corporate and trust services. Focus on (international) tax planning, estate planning, and wealth protection for business owners and private clients.

Specialties: Tax Law, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Wealth Protection, Structuring of (Offshore) Companies, Trusts, and Foundations.


Toine Manders, born in 1969, is a Dutch lawyer, entrepreneur, and anti-politician renowned for his expertise in tax avoidance, estate planning, asset protection, and the formation and management of companies and trusts. As the director of the Haags Juristen College, Manders has built a significant reputation, advising over 7000 companies in total. The firm initially gained fame by advising approximately 6000 conscientious objectors on how to avoid military service. After the suspension of conscription in 1996, it shifted focus primarily to corporate law and tax avoidance. Manders' work achieved a significant milestone with the Inspire Art case, where the European Court of Justice ruled that European entrepreneurs have the freedom to establish their companies in any member state, thereby choosing the jurisdiction with the most business-friendly corporate law.

Throughout his career, Manders has been a vocal advocate for libertarian principles, serving as the political leader of the Libertarian Party (LP) in the Netherlands from 1994 to 2016 and participating in national elections. His advocacy for economic and personal freedom, and minimal government intervention, is a cornerstone of his political and professional life. Manders' views on taxation, which he often describes as a legalized form of robbery, have sparked widespread debate. He argues that every individual has the right to the fruits of their labor, and thus the moral right to avoid taxation. His sharp arguments against taxation have made him a popular figure on social media, with his speeches and debates being viewed millions of times across various platforms in multiple languages.